Read it if you like - most people here thought I´d done a good job with that ;-). Best way to find it: Theme index "Cheating", sort by submission date. It´s also in the top list of the last 30 days. It won´t be necessary to understand this story, but I think it´ll give you a good time. Acutally, I´m thinking about publishing some of my stories - in my native language, german - so tell me what you think of that. But now,enough talk, the action awaits you ...


For those who don´t know me: I´m Andrew, 34 years old and an average guy - or so I thought. The last months of my life may have shown different. My girlfriend, Marina, a hungarian woman with a hot temper, had introduced me to her best friend, Josie. Even though Marina is a randy bitch - we meet 3-4 times a week and screw the hell out of each other`s brain - I couldn´t resist when Josie came around to "visit" me. After all, I had some days left in a week without a good fuck! And Josie is a completely different kind of woman. She´s submissive and does as she´s told. Marina can even be dominant at times, wanting to give orders. So I felt that with both of them in my life, my sex life was complete. As time went by, I fell into some kind of routine. Marina - Josie - Josie - Marina ... and so on, depending on Marina´s shift.

Josie was married - to a bloke that totally ignored her - so this relationship couldn´t go any further than screwing, but my feelings for Marina grew. I really loved her, but that didn´t stop me fucking Josie. After all, it was just sex, wasn´t it? But when Marina gave me the key to her apartment, I felt obliged to do the same.

"She´ll never find out about me and Josie.", I thought. "I know when she´s working and I can order Josie over any time. I´ll manage that." So I thought ...

I was on top of her, my cock hammering deep into her pussy. Josie had spread her legs wide, her hips were raised a little bit so that she could take more of my rod into her cunt. Her head was dangling over the rim of the bed, her big breasts swinging up and down in my fucking rhythm. She screamed as she came again, for the third time this time.

"Ohhh yes, you´ve done it again, I´m coming! I´m coming! Third time, you bastard ... AHHHHHHHHH!" Her cunt muscles twitched uncontrollably, massaging my cock. All through her orgasm, I fucked her with hard, fast and long strokes. When she started to come down a little, I even picked up the pace a little.

"OHHHHH, no! Give me some rest! AHHHHHH, I can´t stand that ... you´ll make me come again so soon, I think I´ll die ..." But I gave her no mercy, and she didn´t really want any, either. I thrusted my cock into her, grabbing the rim of the mattress to gain more control over her and to fuck her even harder. Het wet cunt was dripping with her juices and each time I entered her, it made a sloppy, wet sound.
I pounded her again and again, but then I heard a loud knocking. I froze immediately. Josie´s head went up, she looked at the bedroom door and her eyes widened with shock and recognition. Slowly, I turned my head around ... and there stood Marina! Having been caught in the act, there was no way of bluffing out of the situation. I awaited the explosion of her hungarian temper, but nothing came. She entered the room and came around to the side of the bed where Josie and I lay. She went down on her knees and looked directly into Josie´s eyes.

"Having a good time there, Josie?", she asked. Josie was still too shocked to answer, she could only manage a nod.

"I thought so, hearing you scream nearly made my eardrums bulge. And you came three times? So my boyfriend must be a good fucker. Isn´t he, Josie?" She nodded again.

"I want to hear you say it, Josie. What is he?"

"He´s a good fucker, Marina.", Josie murmured.

"Damn right he is, he makes me come often and good. Don´t you, Andrew?", she said, turning her eyes on me. She had a strange expression on her face, one I couldn´t place at first.

"That´s what I do, Marina. And that´s what you like.", I answered to her question.

"So why are you screwing my best friend, Andrew? Because of her beautiful boobs, larger than mine? Or because of her cunt? Tell me, Andrew, is her cunt tighter than mine?"

All the time, this strange expression on her face. I became aware that my cock was still in Josie´s pussy,fully erect.

"No, she´s not tighter than you - she´s just different.", I said.

"I see, Andrew." She stood up and all of a sudden, I could read the expression on her face. That was the way she looked when she was ready to tear my clothes apart and start fucking me! So for me, it was no surprise when she said:

"Finish her!"

"What?", Josie gasped. "You can´t be serious ... AHHHHHHH!"

Her last sentence turned into a scream because I gave her the hardest thrust so far. I continued hammering her pussy with long, hard strokes and soon, her lust overcame her and she starting moaning and screaming. She raised her hips higher so that my rod entered her cunt at full length. I concentrated on fucking her to her next orgasm, but Marina said:

"You´ll come too, Andrew ... Shoot your load into her!" I looked up and saw that Marina had removed her trousers and panties. She was rubbing her clit.

"Yeah, fuck the bitch! Do her real good and hard! She enjoys that, I see..."

Josie was in a kind of frenzy. Her whole body bucked and shook under mine, but I controlled her. Ramming my cock into her, I gave her what she needed to come.But I wanted all three of us to come together, so I fucked her a little slower, giving Marina time to catch up with us. Marina´s breathing became heavier and when she started to moan and close her eyes, I knew she was ready. I gave Josie some long, hard strokes again and she screamed orgasm no. 4 into my ear. Her cunt tightened, let loose, tightened again - massaging my cock. I came too, moaning and shouting, unloading my cum into her once, twice, three times. And my ears told me that Marina had come too, before she fell down on the bed, her legs still shaking from the orgasm that rocked her body.

I lay down on my back, leaving Josie in a semi-comatose state with her legs still spread and with my cum leaking out of her pussy. Just as I was beginning to relax a little, Marina crawled up to me and said:"Don´t start to think it´s over, I´m not done with you!"

That turned me on, of course. I looked down on my friend which had started to shrink a little and said:" But what about him? He doesn´t seem to be in shape for round number two!"

"Let me take care of this.", she whispered and planted a kiss on my lips. Then she went down with hers, over my breast and belly to the base of my cock. She kissed him, moving upwards to the tip which she caressed with her tongue. She opened her mouth and let him slowly slip inside, all the way down. She sucked my rod going up and down, her cheeks folded inside. My cock went steel hard again. She was a good cocksucker, knowing when to increase the sucking and stopping soon enough to not let me come.

She drove me half crazy with that, making me squirm and wiggle on the bed. Then, surprisingly, I felt a second tongue licking my balls. Josie had woken up and when she saw what we did, she wanted to be part of it. Marina smiled and offered her my rod. Josie quickly opened her mouth and swallowed him whole. Marina went down to my balls and licked them. I placed a hand on Josie´s head, forcing her to suck my cock. The other hand went to Marina´s head, pressing her gently against my balls. And every time I nearly came, I made them swap places. Oh my god, that was great! I felt like I was in heaven. They fitted perfectely together - Josie sucking me fast and hard, Marina doing it slowly and gently. I enjoyed having two bitches taking care of me, but now it was time to give something back.

I told Josie to lay down on her back. Marina foresaw what I planned and positioned herself over her in a 69. She buried her head between Josie´s thighs and started to eat out her pussy, sucking my cum out of it. Josie immediately started to moan.

"That feels great, Marina ... No, don´t stop, please lick my clit ... No woman has ever done that to me before ... ahhhhh, that´s good!"

"Sex ain´t a one-way-street, Josie!", Marina told her. "Do the same for me or I´ll stop!" Josie propped up on her elbows and started to return the favors.

"Yes, that´s what I need ... You´re a natural, Josie!", said Marina, signs of her lust creeping into her voice. " Yeeeeaaaahhh, bite my clit, you´ll make me come ...".

I sat on the bed, enjoying the scene which spread out before me. My two fucking bitches licking and sucking themselves to kingdom come, moaning and shivering all the time. My hormones were running high, my cock seemed to burst with sperm. I looked directly into Marina´s cunt, wet from her juices.

Finally, I couldn´t stand it no more. I knelt behind Marina. Josie lay down on the bed again, leaving Marina´s pussy open for my rod. I grabbed her ass with one hand and led my cock to her entrance with the other. Thrusting forward and pulling her back, I entered her with my full lenght.

"OHHHHHHHH yes, finally ..." she moaned. " What took you so long, Andrew? Fuck me now, I´ve waited for your cock!"

Taking her for her word, I started to move inside her. First slowly, nearly pulling out of her, then pushing back in until my balls touched her cunt lips. Gradually, I started to move faster until at last, I gave her a hard ride doggy-style. Our moans and screams aroused Josie again, who until now had lay back and enjoyed the show like I did before. She came up a little bit, resting on one elbow. Gently, she started to lick my balls again, her free hand searching and finding Marina´s clit. My girlfriend thanked her for that by pushing her tongue in her cunt, licking and biting her clit. Soon, we all forgot the world around us and turned into maniacs, fucking and licking and sucking, just wanting to come. Josie finished first, her hips bucking and fingering Marina´s clit hard. A pinch there pushed Marina over the edge, her cunt muscles tightening. The sudden tightness of her hole was too much for me, and I unloaded my sperm in her, into the second cunt for this day. For a minute, we were all flesh and meat, just screaming and coming like animals. Then we collapsed into a bungle of arms, legs and bodys, the smell of our juices hanging in the air.

When we had relaxed a little, Marina told us of the power failure in her factory, shutting it down for the day. She came to my apartment in the hope of getting a good fuck and got even more, she giggled. I was relieved, because from now on, there would be no more hiding or secretly checking Marina´s shift plan, looking where to it Josie in. I could go on openly, and with their consent. A smile broadened on my face, to which they both replied with a grin ...

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